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living breathing talking love

early day

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early day

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Everyone in Simsbury must be out of town on vacation. I figured, Saturday, nice weather, busy, right? And built the ground beef to four deep tubs and two shallow ones.

I came in this morning and there were still two deep and a shallow one untouched. Guess what I DIDN'T do first this morning?

I still had 32 hours for the week, at least.

And it left me with enough energy to come home, do the dishes, make a batch of three-bean salad (four-bean, really, because I added chickpeas) with the farmer's market green and wax beans, put together the pancake dry ingredients (slight pain in the ass because my buttermilk powder is all caked up, but this time I got it out of its container so I could pulverize ALL of it in the food processor) and have a shower. Pancakes and veggie sausages for dinner, om nom nom. I take it as a great triumph that eternaleponine will see an IHOP commercial on TV, get a pancake craving, and then declare that my pancakes are better anyway. All I'm doing is using the Joy of Cooking buttermilk pancake recipe -- but it's true, they're better than IHOP, where the pancakes always LOOK so delicious and then are heavy and soggy and disappointing.

I must be PMSing because pancakes and sausages were NOT enough dinner. The three-bean salad was supposed to sit overnight in the fridge, but I grabbed a bowl anyway. It was pretty good. It'll be better tomorrow. Another sign I'm PMSing? I think that a recipe from Cook's Illustrated needs more salt.

This is all pretty much an excuse to post my dragons, anyway. The older hatchlings need to grow up so I have room for more eggs. The younger hatchlings need to gender and I want them to gender MALE, because I have a scroll full of girls and only one boy. Except, of course, that the clever name I have for the frilled dragon will work best if it's a girl. Naming them is the best part.

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