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living breathing talking love

and do it all again tomorrow

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and do it all again tomorrow

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Well, not the crazy driving, because eternaleponine's car is back from Claude, and it's a Saturday, so the kiddo doesn't have camp.

For the record? Google Maps doesn't understand where the traffic bottlenecks are, and also doesn't understand about optimizing a route on secondary roads for Minimum Traffic Lights. It was faster to take my home exit and my normal route to work than their suggested, similar-sounding route. Luckily, work was very understanding.

Also not again tomorrow? All the heavy lifting that the delivery requires. Remember how Monday was a light delivery? Well, that meant today was a HEAVY one. Monday we got three cases of beef. Today? TEN. Everything else in proportion to that, too.

And of course it was hot and muggy today, so my strategy was to stack all the cases inside the walk-in, go deal with the freezer, and then come back and put things on shelves. It did work.

I was also alert enough to notice the box of pushpins that had spilled into the grinder BEFORE I started it up. I don't know WHY someone put those pushpins on the shelf over my work space -- anything light falls RIGHT off whenever someone comes in the door.

Door! There's now a door between the kitchen and the front of the house instead of a curtain that keeps falling down!

I cooked my own lunch today and I didn't screw it up. Om nom nom Tavern burger.

And I made myself a margarita when I got home.

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