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living breathing talking love

The fox and the geese

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The fox and the geese

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Damn, that was a lot of driving.

Leave house to get to HCT by 8 AM, the soonest I can drop the kiddo off. HCT to Capitol/Asylum entrance to 84, to 91 S, to get eternaleponine to her job as quickly as possible, because I am supposed to be in Simsbury by 9, and although they know I'm going to be late, the trip from Wallingford to Simsbury is more like an hour. I made it by 9:30, despite stupid road work on Route 4 and PEOPLE DRIVING TOO SLOW on Route 10.

Full tilt through the day, grinding beef and chicken, portioning lobster, slicing and dicing the crappiest tomatoes I've seen in forever, breaking down a case of salmon into filets and burgers, making five Wellingtons, doing stuffed chicken breasts, and then the shaved red onions / sliced Gouda / Philly steak meat trio that all uses the slicer. Which I lifted by myself.

That took me to 4:15. At which point I had to leave so I'd get to HCT by the 5 PM pickup. Made a stop at a house on Mountain Road on the way to drop off some tomato boxes I'd promised over Freecycle -- person is donating books and so needs SMALLER boxes. Tomato boxes are awesome for books because they are a little smaller than a copier paper box, made of sturdier cardboard, and have built-in handles.

Did you notice what WASN'T in there? That's right, lunch. :-P

Got to HCT just exactly at five, pick up kiddo, repeat drive out to Wallingford through evening rush hour, blech. Collect eternaleponine, drive home, stop for gas since there won't be enough time to do it tomorrow morning. Come in, start a pot of burrito rice, do the dishes.

Discover once burrito rice is cooked and refritos are heated that there are NO TORTILLAS. Because whoever used the last one didn't write it on the shopping list. Luckily, beans/rice/cheese/salsa in a bowl is still a complete meal, even if the kiddo and eternaleponine prefer to wrap theirs up as burritos.

Iced tea on demand is a huge plus -- two Red Rose tea bags in the glass 1-cup measure, a scant spoon of sugar (I have mint and lemon sugars as well as plain), pour on boiling water, let steep until strong, pour into pint glass filled with ice cubes. Ahhh.

I've had a shower and I'm in my pajamas. eternaleponine's car isn't ready yet, I've got to do it all over again in the morning, plus, Friday's a delivery day.

I'm tired.

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