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living breathing talking love

Booze: it's what's for dessert.

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Booze: it's what's for dessert.

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Specifically, an Amaretto Alexander, which is like a Brandy Alexander but with amaretto instead of the creme de cacao, because it sounded like a good idea. I am sure it'd be even better if I didn't have lousy brandy (the sort kept for head colds, rather than for flavor).

We could have had ice cream for dessert, because I scored a key fob on Freecycle that's good for 10% off all Ben & Jerry's through April 30 of next year, but that would have involved going to the Center to the scoop shop, and we were too lazy to do it, although we've calculated that the walk to and from the scoop shop cancels out most of the calories in a small cup.

I made what I thought was a perfectly good dinner tonight: kidney beans flavored with minced onion, cornbread from scratch, sauteed green beans from the farmer's market, and collard greens just for me because nobody else likes collards. Both the kiddo and eternaleponine fussed at me, saying I'd cooked only side dishes and no main dish. What? The kidney beans are the protein, the cornbread is the starch, and the green beans are the green vegetable! What's wrong with that? Besides, I made stir-fry LAST time I got farmer's market green beans, and we had Tasty Bite Indian pouches last night, so I wanted to do something that wasn't based around rice. But the kid didn't like the kidney beans because some of them burst while heating, and eternaleponine turned up her nose at me, and generally it was not well-received. Everyone liked the cornbread, though. (Just the recipe on the back of the Quaker Cornmeal box, nothing fancy. Perfectly serviceable.)

Anyone got any suggestions for doctoring plain canned kidney or red beans to improve their reception by fussy eaters? Vegetarians, so the usual foolproof "add bacon" is right out. Spice wimps, so chipotles en adobo and assorted hot sauces are ALSO not the tack to take. (I added generous Tabasco to my collards. It made me happy.) Cooked green peppers are also regarded as poison.

Anyway, since I made dinner, did all the dishes, and did NOT walk to Ben & Jerry's, I think I earned my drink.

I can still lift the slicer by myself at work. It wasn't just a fluke.

Tomorrow? Box Tetris again.

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