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living breathing talking love

Slow day

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Slow day

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
With the holiday weekend, it was either going to be crazy busy or it was going to be dead.

Looks like everyone went out of town for the weekend. It was dead.

On the plus side, it meant that I got out of work today in enough time to go to the grocery store. On the minus side, fewer hours worked means less money. :-(

EP got his hair cut for Locks of Love. He still looks like an aging hippie, but he doesn't have the ponytail any more.

EP is also the only one who's really invested in the idea that I should cook my own lunch. Everyone else is perfectly willing to do it for me if it's quiet.

Somebody mangled the tip of the meat knife when I wasn't there, and I wound up pounding it mostly flat again with the rolling pin.

I'm not sure why romaine was on the prep list today when I did a whole case of it yesterday. I was resigned to the idea of doing it again, but they eventually realized that they had a WHOLE FULL LEXAN of it in the walk-in, so I didn't have to.

I have Use First dots now. Hopefully soon the new order of day dots and labels will come in, because we're all out of Friday. It amuses me a lot that Monday is, in fact, blue. Tuesday and Wednesday aren't gray, though. They're yellow and red. Blue, yellow, red, brown, green, orange, black. I also asked for BIG Use First labels for the freezer.

They've added a vent fan to the storage loft. Now it's not a million degrees up there! Win! Still kind of a pain to climb the ladder, though.

What I did today:

Grind beef (4 chucks), pork 2 butts, chicken 1/2 case boneless breasts, portion lobster 4 pounds, make salmon burgers (2 filet batch), make meatballs (3 pound batch, which meant I had to dig out the calculator function on my phone, since the recipe is for 5 pounds), slice jalapenos 1 4-quart container, portion meatballs 5 per serving. Hardly a prep list at ALL. I even had time to organize the spices and assorted other ingredients that live under my prep table.

Of course, this is because I did a lot of other annoying things yesterday, like a whole case of beer battered fish and a full batch of rock shrimp, and dicing a half hotel pan full of tomatoes (20, which is what was left in the case), and the aforementioned case of romaine. I even got to do something pastry-like, assembling the fried apple pies.

It was so slow today I couldn't guess what (besides grinding beef) would show up on my prep list for tomorrow. Maybe that means I'll be able to put away the delivery without feeling rushed? We'll see.
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