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Accessibility FAIL, overall win

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Accessibility FAIL, overall win

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No Power In The 'Verse
gehayi has her state non-driver's ID!

This despite the fact that the elevator at the DMV was broken, due to a power surge during the tornado last week. And the room for photo IDs is on the second floor.

The Helpful Dudes were pretty un-helpful, recommending AAA (sorry, can't get a first-time non-driver's ID there, already checked that out) or coming back another day (that would mean depending on Dial-A-Ride instead of me, and Dial-A-Ride is Teh Suck) and advising AGAINST taking the stairs. Ha. Well. gehayi gets along BETTER with a walker, but isn't utterly incapacitated without one, so with a little patience from the other people on the stairs, and me carrying the folded walker, we got up there OK.

The Helpful Dudes also didn't understand that gehayi already had all her forms in order, and sent us back to the line instead of saying "do the picture kiosk FIRST." So there was a longish wait in line (although we got there close to opening time, so it wasn't TOO bad), being sent back to the kiosk, and then back to the desk -- and then another wait (this time on chairs) while they processed the thing or whatever it is they do.

And then it was time for the hard part -- back DOWN the stairs. I carried the walker and went down ahead of gehayi, who was most stable going down slowly and backwards. Again, the other people there were kind and patient -- one joked that he got paid by the hour, so she was doing him a favor!

We were out of there by 10 AM.

As DMV experiences go, it could have been a whole lot worse.
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