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living breathing talking love

waiting for the electrician or someone like him

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waiting for the electrician or someone like him

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Another sign you're working for a successful restaurant: THEY CAN AFFORD TO UPGRADE THE WIRING.

A couple of days in the past week, there have been Guys On Ladders mucking about when I've come into work. Some of it's been people coming to work on the beer blaster, and some of it's been other electrical work.

Now, I've actually enjoyed having the beer blaster broken, because not only does it make an annoying beeping/dinging noise when it needs attention from the bartenders, it's a sufficient power draw that if you run it AND the meat grinder AND the lights at the same time, the circuit blows. And the managers don't like it when you turn off the beer blaster, even before the restaurant is open, because what if someone forgets to turn it back on? So the solution was to turn the LIGHTS off. That was fun -- not. It's been nice to be able to see what I'm doing.

You know what Derek told me today? When the beer blaster comes back online, I still won't have to turn off the lights to run the grinder, because he's having them put the blaster on a different circuit. I am amazed. And delighted.

They're also, since I asked, going to get some boxes of parchment/wax paper SQUARES, so I don't have to tear full sheet baking parchment into individual squares every time I slice the Gouda. (You can get twenty-four good squares out of a sheet, but it's a nuisance to have to do it, when they MAKE perfectly good pop-up boxes of squares.) It's the little things that make me happy.

Also making me happy: discovering that the job IS working as strength training. Remember how I said yesterday I couldn't lift a ~70lb case of pork butt? Well, I couldn't lift it two weeks ago, but this week I didn't catch the driver before he left, so there it was on the ground. And the edge was already crumpled, and I didn't really want to drag it. So, keeping good form in mind, I squatted down (lift with your knees), got my hands under it, and, Dear Readers, I lifted it! And brought it all the way to the shelf where it's supposed to go, all the way at the far end of the walk-in!

With that success in mind, I looked at the weights marked on the sides of the cases of chuck. They were running between 55 and 60 pounds. "I can do that," I said to myself. And I did! Wow, is it ever a lot faster to unload the chucks when you can do them three at a time instead of two. And dropping the boxes, BANG! helps loosen the glue on the flaps. Yay!

With the freezer, not only did I fit everything in, not only did I pull the boxes that were tucked in the crannies at the back and rotate them to the front, I LABELED the old ones with "USE FIRST" and the date. Just in case their position at the front wasn't convincing enough. Derek has ordered me a tagging marker so I can label them bigger. The trick, of course, will be to get people to READ, and Derek laughed and said "don't push your luck." But I know he's happy.

Today my new Doc Martens were stretched enough that I could put my orthotics in them. You know, I've had those Walking Company dress-shoe half-sole orthotics since I was in culinary school in 2003, and they're still going strong. Best $50 I ever spent on my feet. I cannot recommend them too highly.

In eating through the menu, I decided that today was the day for the Wellington Bites. Three ounces of the most nicely-marbled piece of the chuck, portobello spread, a puff pastry square, and blue cheese sauce. And a small salad of mixed greens on the side. Yum. Flavorful, the pastry wasn't soggy because I was conscientious and blotted the portobello spread when I made them, and for once NOT a whole day's worth of calories. Highly recommended.

I was out of work by 4 PM today, because Mondays are slow, which meant I had time to stop at Whole Foods, where on Mondays they have a farmers' market set up in the parking lot. A quart of green beans, a bunch of collards, a bunch of garlic scapes, a pint of cherries, and a small log of Beltane Farms pepper chevre. Tonight's dinner was tofu and green bean stir fry with garlic scapes. I even managed to figure out the calories in the sauce (because eternaleponine is tracking her calories on SparkPeople) from the bottles of the stuff I used to make it. Farmers' markets make me happy.

There are new people at work -- a line cook named Amanda, and a hostess named Cassie. I actually saw more of Cassie because she was rolling flatware at the other prep table in my area, and I don't spend that much time around the line.

I found a little hidey-hole where I can keep my emergency kit. Now if I have a wardrobe malfunction, I've got needle and thread, and there's other assorted goodies you won't find in a first aid kit.

And I have two days off!
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