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living breathing talking love

Becoming routine

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Becoming routine

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I very rarely have to ask any more HOW MUCH of a specific item I should prep. Some things have standard quantities, some vary according to how busy it is, but I know what most of them are supposed to be like.

They've found a fatigue mat for me! Between that and the new boots (gently-used 10-eye UK Docs found on eBay for cheap, because I'm not paying retail new prices for the Chinese-made ones), possibly I'll come home with my feet hurting a little less. I already like not coming home with my socks wet.

Burgers I've eaten since the last time I posted:

New England: Lobster, smoked Gouda, roasted onion, corn spread. This was disappointing. You couldn't taste the lobster against the flavor of the burger, and the roasted onion and the corn spread competed too. There was just too much going on.

Ultimate Cheese: 4 cheeses, 2 on top, 2 melted inside, lettuce and tomato. Good, but not outstanding.

West Coast: A fried egg, avocado, and Greek live mayo. Whoa. This one was AMAZING. I was dubious about the concept of a fried egg on a burger, but it wasn't gross, and the avocado and the olive mayo were spectacular. You could actually taste the avocado in this one, unlike the Baja Burger, where the chipotles overwhelmed everything else. I think I'm going to try a chicken burger with the avocado/olive combination, hold the fried egg, add lettuce and tomato.

Phili Steak: Sliced steak, garlic mayo, mushrooms, onions, and American cheese sauce. FANTASTIC. Just to clarify, that's 2oz of shaved chuck on TOP of the already huge burger, plus the toppings. The sauce is made in-house, not nasty nacho goo out of a can. Delicious!

I have now eaten every beef burger on the menu except the Double Double (which, dear God, that's enough calories for two days for me, so, no) and the Low Carb (cheeseburger no bun, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion -- meh, who cares?) I still have the grilled portobello "burger" to try, and the Italian-style chicken burger as opposed to the Buffalo one, and the pork/beef combo burger, but none of those sounded appealing today, so I had the beer battered rock shrimp with jalapeno chips -- they call this an appetizer, but shrimp+jalapenos+batter is weighed at 16oz before it goes in the fryer, so most people could make a meal of it. They serve it on a bed of salad greens and dress it with the burger "special sauce," which is just mayo, ketchup, and Red Hot, but is very tasty. I had a side of "green fries" with it -- for those of you who aren't kebbykate or bigbrotherinlaw, "green fries" are just nice long green beans, dropped naked into the fryer, cooked tender-crisp, and sprinkled with our fry salt, which is kosher salt mixed with chopped rosemary. They are yummy.

I'm getting better at making the stuffed chicken breasts. EP didn't explain that they were a specific weight when he showed me the first time -- the butterflied and pounded chicken breast is supposed to be 10 ounces, and 6 ounces of the jalapeno cornbread stuffing. This helps because most chicken breast halves weigh out more like 12 ounces, so once I've butterflied and flattened them, I can trim off the scraggly edges until I have something neatly oblong and 10 ounces, which makes a much prettier roll.

I'm REALLY getting good at Freezer Tetris. Did I mention that it was empty enough before delivery one of the times this past week that I was able to get under the shelves with a broom? No more frozen peas and pearl onions rattling around the floor! Yay! And now I see how busy we are -- because the freezer that was stocked totally full with two boxes of rustic rolls on the floor after Friday's deliveries went in was half-empty by Saturday afternoon! That's a lot of burger buns moved out the door. And a lot of fries.

Some of my co-workers can lift the slicer all by themselves. Not me. I can hold up my half of it if I'm getting it with someone else, but I can't lift it at all. I don't know how much it weighs other than "more than 50 pounds," because I can lift 50 pound flour sacks, but a 70 pound case of pork butt is still beyond me. Also I can't carry a case with three boneless chucks in it -- I have to open the cases and do two at a time. I hope that I'll build up to being able to do the 70 pound thing in time, but I do NOT have the energy to do weight training in my off time to hasten it. It'll just have to come by workouts at work. Meanwhile if I can catch the City Line delivery guy and have him stick the case of pork butts on the shelf, I'll do that. Dragging it sucks.

My cheapo iPod dock broke. It may be fixable -- the door came unhinged, so the part that plays doesn't connect to the speaker part any more, and if I can get it open and stick it back together, I may have some success. If not, I certainly got my $12.50 worth out of it. In the meantime, I've reclaimed my baby speakers from eternaleponine, so I'll have music again tomorrow.

It's late. I need to sleep. Goodnight, everyone.
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