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living breathing talking love

Defrosting fail

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Defrosting fail

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
A five pound block of frozen shrimp does not defrost to any noticeable extent when left in the walk-in overnight.

So beer battered rock shrimp was the LAST thing I did today.

Today I tried the Baja Burger -- avocado, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, chipotles en adobo, and melted jack. Not quite as wonderful as I'd hoped -- the chipotles overwhelmed the avocado more than I wanted them to. I might try a chicken burger done Baja style at some point -- I think that the flavors would work better. I still have a couple of burgers to try on the menu before I start branching out to appetizers, entrees, and customizing things, though.

I found out why my feet are getting soggy -- the SOLE on my left work boot is cracked. Well, I got four years out of that pair, hard daily use... that's not great, but it's not bad considering I bought them gently used, and I was crap about maintaining them.

eternaleponine is watching High School Musical 2 on the Disney Channel. I don't know WHY. At least I have alcohol.
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