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living breathing talking love

affectionate kitteh is affectionate

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affectionate kitteh is affectionate

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
The kitteh is affectionate because he's learned that I tend to come home with drips of meat juice dried onto my arms, which he enjoys licking.

However, he's doomed to disappointment tonight, because I've already had my shower, and the meat juice is gone.

I actually got out on the early side today -- probably because I did so much work yesterday. There was a party scheduled yesterday, and I wound up making 20 salmon burgers for it before Derek re-read the menu and realized that they were ordering salmon FILETS. Oops. Smalls had to go to one of the other locations to bring back some more salmon for me to cut into filets. So, obviously, I didn't need to make any salmon burgers today, just wait for the new case to be delivered and turn it into more filets, which is a LOT QUICKER. And yesterday was when I did all the breaded pork chops and the stuffed chicken breasts, which are time-consuming, so today was just brainless stuff like grinding the beef and portioning thawed lobster. Oh, and slicing and dicing tomatoes. I've managed to enlist the dishwashers in my quest not to lose the tomato corer -- now both Helberth and Adal know to bring it back to me along with the slicer, so that I can TAPE it to the top of the slicer, instead of losing it at the bottom of the bus tub where we keep lids and the smallwares that don't go on the pegboard.

The most time-consuming thing I had to do today was, of course, Freezer Tetris. The thing is, since I'm scheduled on both Mondays AND Fridays, which are the days our deliveries come in, that means the freezer is organized MY way, which means I know where to put things and don't have to shift everything just to bring some logic to the shelves. As a bonus, my organization means that Derek and Tom can actually SEE how much they have left of everything, and so they don't go crazy ordering too much food.

I do still wish the boxes of rolls were a little smaller. Just about a half inch, so they'd slide onto the shelves more easily. But it's not bad.

I even remembered to pull the shrimp from the freezer so they would maybe thaw overnight and not take forever under the faucet tomorrow -- because I could see perfectly well that there was only one portion of shrimp left in the walk-in, so I was obviously going to be doing them tomorrow.

And Derek even said that my Wellington bites were coming out beautifully.

I think I'm getting to like this job.
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