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Freezer Tetris Champion

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Freezer Tetris Champion

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Monday is, of course, one of our delivery days.

We didn't have a ton of produce coming in, or that much meat, so putting things away in the walk-in was pretty easy. Although there was that case of pork butt. Not that it was hard finding a space for it -- I'd ground the last two butts from the previous case first thing this morning, so the designated space was all empty for it. No, the problem with the case of pork butt is that it weighs about 70 pounds, which is beyond my ability to lift and carry right now. I had to drag it. Boo.

The FROZEN stuff, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Seven boxes of sweet potato fries. Eight boxes of burger buns. A box of pretzel buns and another of rustic rolls. Ten boxes of shoestrings. Clams, shrimp, and lobster. Huge tub of vanilla ice cream (3 gallon? 4? Don't think it was 5). Two cases of bacon. Pretzel nuggets. Ready-to-fry potato chips. Dear LORD. Derek even apologized for Tom ordering maybe too much when he placed the order.

Dear readers, I MADE IT ALL FIT. I only had to put two boxes of shoestrings on the center floor (where, of course, they aren't supposed to go, but Derek said they'd use them up during tonight's service, so no big deal at all) and, even with those boxes there, nothing on the back shelves was blocked, everything was findable, like was grouped with like and everything even sort of made SENSE. Everyone was very impressed.

I credit the years spent watching my dad pack the station wagon for a month at a beach cottage.
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