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living breathing talking love

Horseradish: more than just a tasty flavoring.

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Horseradish: more than just a tasty flavoring.

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hhgtg won't enjoy -- angevin2
The Bloody Mary mix at work is made with, among other things, a generous amount of fresh horseradish root.

They were mixing up a batch of it yesterday as I was heading out. It smelled FANTASTIC.

I asked Derek today if Mary mix counted as "juice" -- staff's allowed unlimited coffee, fountain drinks, and juice, but not the alcohol. I told him I didn't want to take it if it wasn't allowed. He said it was fine. So I poured myself a moderate cupful, and had it along with my morning coffee. It was DELICIOUS.

It was also, as I discovered, not a good thing to put into an empty stomach. The first thing I noticed was that it made me feel hungrier, whereas my coffee-with-cream usually pacifies me until I can grab a break.

The next thing I noticed, a couple of hours later, was rather more uncomfortable, and resulted in extra bathroom breaks. Eep!

I came home and poked Google, and, yes, horseradish can indeed do that.

I didn't want it to do that.

I'm eating plain rice for dinner tonight, I think. Maybe some toast. (Bananas and applesauce, while recommended for this condition, are too gross to contemplate. The smell of bananas gives me heaves, and applesauce is just ew. I like SOUR CREAM on my latkes, thanks.)

Bloody Mary mix: NOT a substitute for breakfast.
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