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living breathing talking love

22:21 Well, that was fun while it lasted. # 22:56 Anybody…

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  • 22:21 Well, that was fun while it lasted. #
  • 22:56 Anybody want to hire a pastry chef? #
  • 23:09 @eponis @tamidon yeah, that's what I'm saying. not enough business to cover my hours. well, it's a resume credit. #
  • 09:59 @NoelFigart the restaurant just wasn't doing enough business, and I was the most expendable. #
  • 11:58 @pocketpolina Layoff, restaurant can't afford to pay me. Sending out more resumes now. #
  • 12:11 just sent out 7 resumes, thank you Craigslist. #
  • 14:03 It is unfair that they make the little box move around if you're supposed to stay still. I thought I was supposed to follow it! #
  • 14:31 @head_shrinker That's what *I* said. #
  • 15:00 Posted the last Tango post over at my lj. *sigh* #
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