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living breathing talking love

One Hundred Push-ups Challenge, Week 3, Day 2

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One Hundred Push-ups Challenge, Week 3, Day 2

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I did, in fact, do Day 1 of this week, on Monday, I just didn't log it because the unsecured wireless I could glom at pocketpolina's was being flaky.

I am doing Day 2 today because I overslept severely on Wednesday, and didn't get around to it yesterday. I was having too much fun organizing my closet (yes, I said fun, and no, I haven't been replaced by a pod person -- it was fun because I got to gloat over the proportion of whimsical clothes to boring ones).

So I've done Day 2 today, and will try to do Day 3 tomorrow.

Knee push-ups, flat palms.

max (at least 12) - I did 22.

That's a total of 60.

I have the feeling that when it gets to the final hundred, I'm going to do them as knee push-ups too. Then I'll go back and repeat the program from the beginning with real push-ups.

Also, I am failing at Gothercise. I might do better if I could find my headphones!
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