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100 Push-Ups Challenge, Week 1, Day 1

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100 Push-Ups Challenge, Week 1, Day 1

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On the self-test (which I did with real, old-school push-ups, not any of the easier varieties), I managed to do 6 push-ups, which put me at level 2.

For the program, I am doing knee push-ups (with my ankles crossed like it shows on the site), and with my hands in fists instead of flat, because I already know I have issues with my wrists.

Today's assignment was 6, 6, 4, 4, and the last set to failure, but at least 5. I pooped out on 12. That makes 32 push-ups! Go me!

(Menstrual cramps derailed the challenge for me last time. I am hoping I can avoid that trap on this attempt.)
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