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living breathing talking love

Tweets for Today

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Tweets for Today

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  • 11:02 @theredshoes is it better than the Bowie version? Also, Red House Painters cover of All Mixed Up: tinyurl.com/2oqjt7 #
  • 11:27 @theredshoes tinyurl.com/6cleqo Bowie's version. Which startled my mom who knew it as Johnny Mathis. #
  • 15:14 because going outside to shovel snow makes me unable to breathe, have washed dishes and mopped the kitchen floor instead. yay, no more goo! #
  • 15:18 it feels as if someone has soaked the cartilage around my sternum in hot sauce. #
  • 18:18 pancakes for dinner. and scrambled eggs. FTW. #
  • 18:23 @head_shrinker it's the Joy of Cooking buttermilk pancake recipe. I used buttermilk powder because I had it in the pantry. Easy peasy. #
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