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Satanic Stew

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Satanic Stew

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I have wanted beef stew for DAYS. However, if I cook around here, I cook vegetarian. I have already determined that tempeh is TOO DISGUSTING TO EAT, so I figured I'd try making a "beef" stew with seitan.

Here's what I did:

1 tennis ball sized yellow onion
1 stalk celery
5 baby carrots

chopped to oblivion in the mini-chopper. Put a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil in the bottom of a Dutch oven or other heavy pot, heat it up, and start sauteeing these, with a little salt. Add:

one medium glob Marmite (I just dug some out with a flatware teaspoon, it's probably somewhere between half and three quarters of a measuring teaspoon)
one larger glob tomato paste (again, I just did a glob with the flatware teaspoon, maybe two measuring teaspoons total?)

Keep sauteeing for a little while, until there's some fond built up in the pan. Deglaze with red wine (no, I don't know how much, I just kept pouring until I had all the fond scraped up nicely. I used cabernet sauvignon).

Add 8 oz plain seitan, cut into chunks. Then add water until you've got the pot mostly full. Add a bay leaf. Thyme would also be excellent (I'm out right now). Crank up the heat so it comes to a boil.

While it's coming to a boil, peel three fist-sized potatoes and cut them into chunks. Cut a few more baby carrots into spoon-sized chunks as well. Dump them in the pot. Crush up a few cloves of garlic and add them too, if you like.

When it's bubbling nicely, turn the heat back down to a medium simmer, put a lid on it partway ajar, and cook until the carrots and potatoes are nice and tender.

If you like other vegetables in your stew, feel free to add them at such time as seems suitable, so that they won't cook to indeterminate mush before the potatoes are done.

The secret ingredient here is really the Marmite, which tastes sort of beefy while being entirely vegetarian.

eternaleponine ate it without saying "yuck." This is as close to a winning recipe as I get, if the food in question has ANY ingredients that aren't potatoes and onions.

It doesn't really taste like beef stew, but I think it's pretty good.
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