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living breathing talking love

And so it ends

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And so it ends

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Tetsuko -- Andrew Gentile
talandra's most recent EEG showed no higher cortical activity.

Her sister Randi and her wife jetshade have decided to turn off the respirator on Sunday.

I'm here with them, providing practical support and Halloween kleenex and so on.

One of the biggest obstacles is that talandra and jetshade hadn't made any plans for something like this. They had no life insurance, no burial plot, no savings for this, nada. They had only been married a year -- they thought they had much more time.

If you're inclined to help, wargoddess has set up a Paypal fund for donations to defray funeral expenses.

You can go to www.paypal.com, choose Send Money, and put kittentherogue@yahoo.com in the TO box.

This link should also take you to the send money link for paypal:

On the right hand side, put kittentherogue@yahoo.com in the TO box, and fill in the rest as you wish.
It does require that you put in your email address to do this, but it is paypal so the server is secure.

Paypal allows you to do this through either a paypal account or a credit card, for convenience.

jetshade's only request is that you leave some sort of contact information, so that she can thank you, privately though email if in no other way. She appreciates that some people like to remain anonymous, but she'd prefer to be able to thank you.

And whether you donate or not -- PLEASE talk with your family, and get wills and living wills and medical proxies set up, and talk about what you'd WANT for funeral arrangements, even if you're not in a position to buy burial plots or take out insurance or whatever. You never know what's going to happen. If you got hit by a bus or something... you know the drill. Just do it, okay?

The current plan is to have a memorial service on Sunday the 16th. The hospital social worker gave us some names and figures. We're going to try to make some arrangements tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone.
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