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living breathing talking love

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Tweets for Today

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  • 09:48 drove kid to school. AGAIN. Hassled office IN PERSON today. Have tea, Earl Grey, hot, IN A CUP. Took vitamins. Waiting for headache to go. #
  • 10:02 @tryslora define non-costume? I took the lazy route at a party this weekend: black choir robe, Hogwarts T, Ravenclaw scarf. #
  • 10:21 @tryslora: "I'm a pit bull. What? You can see I'm not wearing any lipstick!" #
  • 10:45 @trsylora problem solved. #
  • 17:09 No point in going back home for the duration of the singing lesson, so I brought a book. waiting in car. #
  • 17:25 @PrinceJvstin The Danger, Dick Francis. Also, your apartment is TOASTY WARM. #
  • 17:44 @PrinceJvstin we have not turned up the heat yet and it's around 60. Colder in @eternaleponine's room. #
  • 17:52 Book finished, time for magazine #
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