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living breathing talking love

Strong, like bull! Intelligent, like tractor... wait.

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Strong, like bull! Intelligent, like tractor... wait.

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No Power In The 'Verse
I've just completed the second week of the Hundred Pushups Challenge.

I've been doing knee push-ups, on Level 1 intensity, because I was not able to do even one traditional push-up when I started. I have never been able to do push-ups in my life -- I always flunked that part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge in grade school, although I could pass the sit-ups. (Do they still DO that in schools?)

Well, after you finish week 2, you're supposed to do another strength test -- that is, do as many traditional push-ups as you can, until you can't do any more. That way, if you've already built up your strength, you can move to a higher intensity, and not plateau.

Well, I'm still going to be doing Level 1 next week.


On the third one, I was only able to get halfway down to the floor again, which is about where I started at the beginning of the program.

But it's working!

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