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living breathing talking love

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Tweets for Today

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  • 07:34 kid overslept, going to drive her. lunch money today, no bento. #
  • 08:20 Saw a doggie with its head out the window of a Taurus, and one of those vintage BMWs that looks like a Samsonite suitcase. #
  • 10:14 off to Bear's to adopt a shoggoth. dressed for later job interview. #
  • 10:52 Guess who's talking like a pirate? @MarsPhoenix! #
  • 10:54 Also, I have BOOTY. @matociquala had Liz Claiborne silk pants my size. Score! Er, avast, I mean. #
  • 11:24 @eternaleponine you know when I've started using Google Calendar we must be in the End Times. #
  • 11:37 Killing time before job interview. I can has laptop cooling pad! #
  • 12:05 Realizing I have been shopping at Express since 1983 or '84. #
  • 12:06 Back then they sold jelly bracelets and neon. #
  • 12:07 And, enough time killed. Off to interview. #
  • 12:54 I could do the work in my sleep but they start people at $9 an hour. :-( #
  • 13:42 And, out of the interview clothes and into pajama pants. Pretty brocade satin ones. Where are my hard soled slippers? #
  • 15:43 @tubin that was @mcroft, for calling it "pantsless o'clock" when I was not actually naked. This at least is accurate. #
  • 15:48 wonder of wonders, the kid came home in a GOOD mood. hurray! #
  • 16:48 kid has been invited to THE MALL for 6 pm. Buckland Hills ahoy! #
  • 16:56 @mcroft well, if I am in pajama pants, or even my elastic waist chef pants, @eternaleponine is sure to tell me they aren't REAL pants. #
  • 17:15 and to take the kid to the mall, I really ought to put on real pants, esp. if I mean to go into Borders as well. Which I do. #
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