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living breathing talking love

We are Bento of Borg, prepare to be assimilated

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We are Bento of Borg, prepare to be assimilated

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I have just made some of the messiest-looking sushi EVER. Carrot, cucumber, and avocado. Skinny nori rolls.

No, I am not going to take a picture. Maybe my next batch when they don't look so damned lame.

But the biggest compartment of the kid's bento is full of sushi rolls, edamame in the smaller one, and the smallest divided one has grapes and little meringues. Also, she has Pocky.

I didn't have most of the traditional equipment besides the bamboo rolling mat that came in the cheapie kit from Borders (with a recipe book and a DVD), so I used a big mixing bowl instead of the flat tray, and a rubber spatula instead of the bamboo thing, but I DID use an actual Japanese paper fan to fan the rice. Because I knew that the kid HAD a paper fan from Arisia.

It wasn't even rice vinegar, it was cider vinegar. But they're similarly mild.

I have not yet drunk the Kool-aid to the extent of getting the cute little cutters to put flower garnishes on things, or arranging the foodstuffs to make a picture. I am not that crazy. I just want the kid to have a good lunch.

But I did make sushi rolls. And I am damned proud of myself.
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