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living breathing talking love

Tweets for Today

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Tweets for Today

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  • 22:17 @immlass my best wishes for your great-aunt being okay even if you can't find out right now. #

  • 22:25 @blurker deep breaths. Possibly augmented by deep pulls on a pint or two. #

  • 22:38 @mcroft never discount the power of RP to distract and comfort. God knows I do it myself. #

  • 08:47 @eponis sure, 3PM! please allow for variations in traffic. :) #

  • 10:13 trying to figure out what I'll wear to tonight's concert. Tempted to wear a skirt. #

  • 13:01 On my way out the door with @eternaleponine to see Alkaline Trio at WFNX's Disorientation show and meet up with @ eponis & bf for lunch. #

  • 15:09 @eponis we are here outside Pressed Sandwiches but they are closed! Other suggestions? #

  • 16:42 @matociquala I do not think that they will sing to me. #

  • 16:57 At Disorientation at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. Portable seats filling in the pit. BOO. #

  • 16:59 We are five rows back of the erstwhile pit. #

  • 17:07 Does It Offend You Yeah? Sadly, the answer is probably yes. #

  • 17:12 They are feeding all the vocals through a cheesy effects box. This does not endear them to me. #

  • 17:15 And the reason that @eternaleponine types faster than I do is that she has a Sidekick. #

  • 17:17 QWERTY keyboard > 9 key. :p #

  • 17:20 They said this song was 'poppier.' also EVEN LOUDER. #

  • 17:21 Actually if they weren't testing the operating limits of the amps, Dawn of the Dead would be OK. #

  • 17:24 It's the middle of the afternoon in an outdoor pavilion. The fog machine is unnecessary. #

  • 17:26 And now the vocal fx are back. And they ripped off the opening riff from Head Like A Hole. #

  • 17:39 The drummer for the Kooks is wearing a skinny tie and a porkpie hat. #

  • 17:48 Okay, that's actually the drummer for Anberlin. Guess they replaced the band that cancelled. #

  • 17:53 Does anyone know what label Anberlin is on? I will bet a cookie it's Drive-Thru. #

  • 17:55 They are not bad, but they are VERY generic emo. Which is why I think Drive-Thru. #

  • 17:57 All further Disorientation tweets will be from me because @eternaleponine's battery is too low. #

  • 18:02 Singer has stuck his mic in his back pocket. Better wizards than you have lost a buttock that way! #

  • 18:22 Alchemical symbols on the drum kit. Gotta be Alkaline Trio next. #

  • 18:36 Oh yeah. There's Matt's guitar with the inverted pentagram. Definitely Trio next. Hurry up, techs! #

  • 18:44 Radio station shenanigans. FAIL, WFNX. Just bring out Alk3! #

  • 18:52 When did Matt Skiba get his nose pierced? #

  • 19:10 WARBRAIN! #

  • 21:41 @theredshoes oh excellent! #

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