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living breathing talking love

On the road

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On the road

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b/w profile
Lots of traveling today. Going to visit tamidon first, then talandra at MGH, and I've got plans for dinner in Davis Square (OMG REDBONE'S NOM NOM NOM). Obviously, I won't be by the computer. At all.

I will have my cell with me, but I hate the handsfree thing so I won't be wearing it while I'm driving, and I'll have to turn it off in the hospital, of course.

I've also turned off receiving Twitter device updates for the day.

If you need me, best way today is by text message, and don't panic if you don't get a speedy reply. If you don't have a cell phone with text messaging, there's a handy widget on my LJ profile page that lets you send a text.

Catch up with you all tomorrow!
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