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living breathing talking love

Tweets for Today

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Tweets for Today

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  • 01:30 @angevin2 borrow it from Zaphod Beeblebrox #
  • 01:35 @angevin2 Mark Wing-Davies said the head cost more than his pay which was fair as it was a better actor #
  • 01:46 @angevin2 i liked him as Zaphod. The comment was him being self deprecating. #
  • 01:50 @angevin2 hee! I have not seen those but I watched the beeb HHG on first us broadcast. I r old. #
  • 01:53 @angevin2 oh my. I fell hard for movie Theoden. #
  • 01:59 @angevin2 remind me to check link tomorrow from computer as i can't from phone in bed #
  • 02:02 @angevin2 i can look in twitter history in morning #
  • 02:04 @angevin2 if not Zaphod's prop head what about Depardieu-as-Danton? #
  • 02:06 @angevin2 I had to see it twice for French class. #
  • 02:08 There should be an IMDB lookup tag for "severed head" #
  • 02:09 @angevin2 you really didn't miss much #
  • 02:12 @angevin2 he wasn't bad as Porthos. Actors were good in that even if movie disappointed #
  • 02:46 @angevin2 such a waste! #
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