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living breathing talking love

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  • 12:20 Really hope the temp permit from New York is enough to get the emissions testing done on B's new car. #
  • 12:24 It says wifi got spot in the waiting room but I have to go outside to get signal. #
  • 12:39 I don't understand why the mother keeps insisting that the girls stop turning the magazine rack. #
  • 12:41 The 8 year old was actually looking for a magazine and it was quieter than the 4 year old's other options. #
  • 12:43 Mostly the mother is disciplining well but I do not see why the 4 year old's pigtail needed re-doing. #
  • 12:46 When the mom finished the kid yanked on her mother's hair and said "see how you like it, Mommy?" #
  • 12:46 I had great sympathy. #

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