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living breathing talking love

Halfway there

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Halfway there

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Tetsuko -- Andrew Gentile
Our team of three hit 500 cranes before 11 PM, and knocked off for the night.

Accompanying movies: Real Genius, The Cutting Edge, The Three Musketeers(1993 Disney version), Rent, and Stand By Me (that last available through the On Demand freebies). Also, assorted Olympic coverage.

Have realized that the only Trilogy version we have in the house is the VHS "special edition" ones. No good. If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right -- Han shot first.

We're doing them in sets of five to make it easy to make hash marks. The system of using several sorts of paper per set -- some memo block squares, some quartered scrapbooking sheets, and one or two of the GOOD origami paper -- seems to help keep our eyes from crossing.

We are definitely going to need a second milk crate.

Not much news from jetshade about T -- still on the breathing tube, still under sedation, don't know yet if she's developing pneumonia. The GOOD signs are, Jet's got permission to bring an mp3 player in, and T's been very responsive to the music -- and she also isn't any WORSE.

More cranes tomorrow.
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