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living breathing talking love

Didn't I do this IN game, once?

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Didn't I do this IN game, once?

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Tetsuko -- Andrew Gentile
talandra is in the ICU, after a SECOND stroke followed the first one that put her in the hospital.

I couldn't commission any art from jetshade, because I've been out of work this summer. Gas money was also in pretty short supply, so I haven't been able to visit, either.

This morning, in the post about the second stroke, jetshade asked for prayers, candles, anything.

Despite my strong doubts that the God-of-my-fathers listens to me, I cracked my presentation Hebrew bible for, I think, the first time since my bat mitzvah (January 15, 1983. Says so on the cover), in order to get at the psalms, because that's what you're supposed to DO when someone is critically ill, right?

Except I think there's more to it than that. There's some sort of numerology to know which ones you ought to say, and it'd be based on talandra's Torah name, which I DO NOT KNOW, and even if it had been on the imprinting on the kipah from her first wedding (I don't think it was, I think those were just imprinted in English) I gave that back to her after the divorce, so...

...and it probably works a lot better if you can say them in Hebrew, too, and I appear to have forgotten at least half the alphabet.

I did read through forty, in English. I may read through more. But it feels alien.

Then I remembered what Tetsuko (my character from her Star Fantasy game) would do in the same situation: fold a thousand paper cranes.

emoshukuhai1438 and eternaleponine said they'd help.

I went out and got paper -- some patterned, some colored, and one huge 750-sheet memo block.

emoshukuhai1438 used to have origami books, but I don't know where they got to. The internet provided directions.

We have a crate. And a tally sheet. We're up to 137.

We watched "Real Genius" while we were folding this batch. The next batch will be to "The Cutting Edge."

I may even get emoshukuhai1438 to hook up the VCR, since we only have the Trilogy on VHS.

863 to go.
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