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living breathing talking love

Much too hot

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Much too hot

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So, in order to Be In Air Conditioning, we went to the first showing of Wall-e this morning.

OMG WONDERFUL MOVIE. So much love. Even eternaleponine, who had not been 100% sold on the concept, was hooked immediately by the opening show tune. After that, it was all over. LOVE.

After that, it was over to Circuit City to pick up Rock Band, which my parents were financing as a hooray-you-did-not-flunk-out present for emoshukuhai1438. If anyone has NOT bought it and is planning to, Circuit City has it for $99, which is the best price around.

We could not set it up right away, of course, because I needed to clean the living room first. Which I did. I even vacuumed.

Now eternaleponine and emoshukuhai1438 are unpacking it, and figuring out the USB cords and stuff. And we're waiting for the Chinese food to get here, because it's too hot to cook.

I want to name our band "Asparagus on Mars" but I suspect there won't be enough letters.

eternaleponine is being a party pooper and saying she won't play, so I guess it's just me and the kiddo.

yay timewasters!
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