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living breathing talking love

The Cure, 6/20/08

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The Cure, 6/20/08

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Some observations:

There are actually Cure songs that I do not recognize. I didn't realize that.

I love them dearly, and have since about 1985, and that that doesn't even make me one of the earliest fans, and I realize that that's a long time and that there's a ton of back catalog, but I'm not sure I needed a three hour show. Or maybe a three hour show WITH NO OPENING BAND would have improved things.

Could not understand a word Fat Bob was saying. Some of this was sound engineering, but I think a lot of it was him, since I DID decipher that he was making a self-deprecating remark about nobody being able to understand him.

The lights-on-strings twinkle effect? SO MUCH LOVE. Exactly, completely the visual equivalent of what I HEAR as "sparkling" or "shimmering" in the places they used it.

The three-song sequence of "Friday I'm In Love," "In Between Days," and "Just Like Heaven?" CUREGASM. Don't care if they've been played and played and played. Just because they're the biggest radio hits doesn't mean they're not WONDERFUL SONGS. YAY!

Concur with the Austin contingent's observations about the current guitar-focused sound. Enjoyed it. It was interesting to hear songs I'd always thought of as synthesizer noodling done more simply.

Simon Gallup? Hot.

Realizing that if Porl Thompson had been wearing a Free The West Memphis Three t-shirt on over his fishnet shirt, he would have been wearing EXACTLY what naivefreedom was the first time I saw him.

The new material is definitely up to standard.

Yes, it was clever that the encores were by album in reverse chronological order. DID WE REALLY NEED SO MANY? I have gotten spoiled by smaller bands, some of whom now say "you know, we could walk off stage now, and wait for you to yell a lot, and then come back out, but we gotta be out of here by closing, so how about we pretend we did all that and we play you a couple more songs?"

I think I got to hear every song I was hoping for.

And, in conclusion, Three Things I Do Not Want To Smell At A Concert:

1. Your B. O.

2. Your hair product.

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