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living breathing talking love

Thwarted (but not for long)

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Thwarted (but not for long)

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Moe's only had STRAWBERRY margaritas. blech.

This AFTER I convinced eternaleponine to walk with me despite her disinclination to do so.

However, I still didn't want to cook with a blister on my thumb. So I did, in fact, eat a burrito that was thicker around than my wrist.

But then we got home, declared pantsless o'clock (pajama pants are not pants, in this notation: mine have Frankenstein's monster on them) and I hauled out what eternaleponine calls my drug paraphernalia: the cocktail shaker. And the Cuervo, and the Grand Marnier, and the Rose's Lime Juice.

Even the kosher salt for the rim of the glass.

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