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living breathing talking love

I can't believe I'm watching this...

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I can't believe I'm watching this...

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Yes, it's another American Idol post.

I also can't believe I'm giving it this much thought. Everyone I was even slightly interested in is gone from the show already. I really wanted the final two to be Amanda and Danny Noriega, because it would have been hysterical -- bluesy mama and flouncy boy. After that, I liked Carly's voice, and her Irish accent, and the Aussie's accent.

I'll admit I've been amused by Jason Castro. The dreads. The eerily blue eyes. The earnest stoner demeanor.

Which brings me to my thoughts on his song choices last night. "I Shot The Sheriff" and "Mr. Tambourine Man?" Really, Jason? REALLY?

Seriously, he could have stayed with those two artists, and picked MUCH better songs, ones where his gentle stoner earnestness would have been an asset, not a detraction.

How about "No Woman No Cry" and "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall?"

Jason, you let me down.

I was also not thrilled with David Cook. You'd think "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" would be HIS WEEK. But I didn't think he did a good job with his songs. "Hungry Like The Wolf" doesn't lend itself to being covered well -- it needs that Duran Duran slickness. And if you're going to do "Baba O'Riley," YOU NEED THOSE HIGH NOTES. If you can't hit them with Roger Daltrey's pure clarity, PICK ANOTHER SONG. The high notes MAKE that song, dammit.

Syesha was okay. She's no Tina Turner, but she was okay. Dammit, I wanted to hear Amanda doing that song.

It kills me to admit that David Archuleta did the best job last night. I don't LIKE him much.

So I guess in a few minutes I get to see what happens.

And I still can't believe I'm watching.
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