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All sorts of virtuous

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All sorts of virtuous

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Today's experiment: walking to the grocery store.

Beautiful mild sunny day outside -- Dashboard says 72 degrees. Route mapped for directness and sidewalks. Most groceries acquired at Shaw's (which is currently too ambitious a walk for me), so the list for Whole Foods was small and could fit in a backpack. eternaleponine's backpack, at that. Sneakers with orthotics, hoodie tied around waist -- oops, we forgot sunscreen, but it didn't seem too horrible.

Verdict: a pleasant, if somewhat lengthy walk. Not too hilly. Probably want to get another granny cart for larger runs, as I left the old one at Cone St. rather than pack it.

If we'd done it yesterday, they would have given us free Clif bars.

The walk takes us right past Blue Back Square and the REI. REI, however, did not have ANY stainless water bottles! Or even any good Camelbaks. Whole Foods had a 1-liter stainless bottle, though, so now I have a nice refillable non-leaching bottle for all my water-drinking needs.

It's probably not a route I'd want to do in the snow or in extreme heat... but we'll see how I feel as I exercise more.

Definitely worth doing again.
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