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living breathing talking love

Geek toys for a better life

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Geek toys for a better life

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I was chatting with mama_hogswatch about taking advantage of the nice weather to run a couple of errands on foot instead of by car today. This is what I did for exercise -- I have been sadly deficient in exercise this past month, because for some reason my knees have been really, really complaining. One of the errands was "buy vitamin minder" so I can remember to take my vitamins AND GLUCOSAMNINE with my breakfast at work, because this creaky-knees stuff is getting annoying fast. (I may also see if switching back to the desktop from the laptop helps. Sitting crunched up on the couch with my laptop DEFINITELY is not making my knees happy.)

So, I took a wild guess about how far it actually was to the CVS, based on how long it took me to walk it, discounting for traffic lights, and then had to say "hmm, am I right? Let's ask GoogleMaps."

She said, "Have you heard about the Gmaps Pedometer?

No, I had not.

What an excellent toy!

Not only did it let me figure out how far I'd walked to the CVS and back, it inspired me to map out a walking-friendly route to Whole Foods. One that's only about a mile and a half to get there.

AND it tells you calories burned! How awesome is that?

Tomorrow is not set to be nearly as nice as today. But it's not supposed to rain until the evening.

And I don't have a large shopping run to do. We did a large one last weekend, this is more of a pickup run.

I am TOTALLY trying this out.
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