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living breathing talking love

gothercize log

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gothercize log

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Technically, I got a set in on Saturday, at Blacksun. However, this is my first at-home session since last Wednesday. The calorie counter says I should do it daily. I am going to have to figure out something (brisk walk with the iPod?) for weekends, as I cannot gothercize in front of eternaleponine or emoshukuhai1438, because they will laugh at me.

Time: 33.1 minutes

Boots: Double-H jump boots, had laundry to bring downstairs and did not want to kill myself on the basement stairs in platform boots

Weights: 1-lb Reebok wrist weights with thumb strap, acquired yesterday at Target. WOE, they are PINK. Perhaps soon I will feel they are easy enough that I can trade up to the 2-lb weights, which are red.

Other notes: Late start today because I decided to eat lunch first.

Playlist construction method: today's PopTart's Choice seemed uninspired, so I started with two songs that got me on the floor on Saturday. Then I scrolled down by artist and picked out ones that seemed suitable until I had enough. And added a cool-down.

Military Fashion Show And One
Blue Lights Fictional
I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock Of Seagulls (go on, laugh. I am a creature of the '80s.)
I touch myself Genitorturers (I love this cover)
Havoc In Tenebris (I was so disappointed when they disbanded RIGHT after i saw them last fall)
New Invaders Iris
Maschine Eisenbass (Vnv Rmx) Iron Base
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division

Okay. More laundry (emoshukuhai1438 left her last load of laundry IN THE WASHER, grr, and I didn't find out until I had started the water, and I need clean work pants) and a shower and maybe off to Borders to spend the reward bucks I earned answering surveys, because big fat coupon on CDs. I could get a LOT for no cash.

Don't let me forget to blog the cupcakes.
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