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living breathing talking love


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eternaleponine wanted cupcakes. No, excuse me, Johnny wanted cupcakes. (Long joke, don't ask.) Anyway, I managed to get noodged into trying to make some.

We didn't have the right ingredients for any of the vegan cupcakes. So I looked at the Demolition Desserts book and said "buttermilk cupcakes. The powdered buttermilk I have should work, right?"

Wrong. Or SOMETHING was wrong. The cupcakes were very, very liquid in the oven and ran over the sides. EPIC CUPCAKE FAIL.

And now I'm out of sugar, so I can't even try to make another batch of different cupcakes.

I also have a batch of Ghirardelli buttercream (which used the last of my icing sugar) in the fridge, because there are no cupcakes to put it on.

I have a mug of tea with brown sugar, lemon, and Gosling's Black Seal rum. I am calling it a night.
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