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living breathing talking love

oh internets, how I missed you.

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oh internets, how I missed you.

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Doc Martens
eternaleponine reset the router, and all is well.

Me? I shoveled approximately 438238929 tons of slush off the driveway this afternoon, getting my leather jacket and my Doc Martens soaked through in the process. I had to get the Swedish rifleman's coat (my Highwayman Coat, as the pockets are big enough to hold flintlock pistols, no lie) out of the basement.

On the bright side, all the flour and assorted crud has washed off my boots. I'll hit them with the wonder balsam once they dry. Maybe I should hit the jacket with it too?

I declared it Pho Boston For Dinner night because I wanted warm delicious food that I did not have to clean up after. I did get all the dishes done before that.

mhaille was up the past couple nights with a brand-new niece, bunnygoth wasn't in the mood, and matociquala was still sick, so I decided to punt on going to Rapture, what with the nasty slushy rain falling from the sky and the sore back from the aforementioned 438238929 tons of slush and the fact that even if i could drive in my Pennangalans, I don't want to ruin the patent leather in the slush.

I made cupcakes today at work. Tried to use a heart cookie cutter as a stencil to put red sugar hearts on the frosting, but it was messier than I hoped. Nevertheless they tasted good.

Bob Mould's new album is EXCELLENT but if I ever put any of those songs on mixes, it's time to be worried about me. The loveliest, most beautifully-crafted album of ALL BREAKUP SONGS. Gah.

Dunkin Donuts' Milky Way hot chocolate (our dessert tonight) is pretty yummy. Yay for finding DD gift card from the landlady that was in her Christmas card when I tidied up my desk.

Also yay for finding the last Sheaffer black ink cartridge to go with one of the plain-nib fountain pens in the pewter pot so that emoshukuhai1438 could ink the manga that she was doing for her history project, which I convinced her to do instead of her original plan involving a camcorder that we DID NOT OWN and that, although the Bissonnettes managed to locate it, NONE OF US KNEW HOW TO USE. I kind of read her the riot act about planning projects involving equipment we did not own.

happybluebunny, do you want me to try to send the mixes as zip files?

and now it's bedtime. night everyone.
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