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living breathing talking love

I Aten't Dead

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I Aten't Dead

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...but I got nudges from a couple of folks recently, so I thought I'd post to say so.

What happened was, basically, December. It started out well enough, going to celebrate cluegirl's birthday with her at Alien Nation's closing night, and then there was Obligatory Family Visit #1, wherein we all had a Very Red Sox Hanukkah, and then Holiday Cookie Rush hit, and snow, and stuff, and then Obligatory Family Visit #2, which culminated in me driving home from New Jersey with a raging case of iritis, which at the time I thought was conjunctivitis. Which led to me sitting home over New Year's putting drops in my eyes every hour and re-reading the Little House books because they were the only thing in the house with print big enough for me to focus on with my eyes dilated.

I'm slowly getting back to normal, although I still have the font size cranked on my monitor here.

Happy New Year, everyone.
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