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living breathing talking love

vampire fetish? what vampire fetish?

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vampire fetish? what vampire fetish?

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So we have he TV on, tuned to Fuse, because we've gotten in the habit of watching Steven's Untitled Rock Show.

It finished up and they just tacked a random video on at the end. It had a long, random-sounding intro.

eternaleponine said "nooo, I don't wanna watch this... do you wanna watch this?"

Now, keep in mind, my computer desk is at right angles to the entertainment center, so most of the time when the television is on, I can hear it, but I can't see the screen unless I turn my head to look at it.

So I turned my head. For two seconds.

"Leave it on," I said. "That's Peter Murphy. It's 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' from the opening sequence of 'The Hunger.' You HAVE to leave this on for me."

And only AFTER I said that did the guitar even kick IN.

why, no, I haven't watched that about ten MILLION times on YouTube, why do you ask?

And after all that they didn't even play the whole thing!
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