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living breathing talking love

pluses and minuses

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pluses and minuses

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
+ slept through the night instead of waking up two or three times
+ saw a bit of the lunar eclipse this morning while driving to work
- cell phone did not charge properly overnight
- weirdo Volvo wiring means that when my headlights are on the cigarette lighter doesn't work, so couldn't charge phone in car
+ remembered to bring wall charger to work
+ baked biscotti today
- my big mixer broke (think it's the power switch) so I had to use a hand mixer
+ the Sysco order came in so I have confectioners' sugar and brown sugar again
+ remembered to get gas at BJ's on the way home, $2.76/gallon
- mileage was not so great this tank
- transmission has funny hitch, needs checking
+ got melovechocolate to do a couple of chores
- she is objecting to doing the dishes

have had my shower, need to eat, need to tackle chores.
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