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living breathing talking love


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All the laundry is out.

The wire-cube stuffie condo is built, and all her stuffies are on it, and NOT in a giant traffic-obstructing box.

She has a SHOE RACK in the bottom of her closet, so that her shoes are organized and so that maybe she can't throw her clothes willy-nilly on the closet floor either. There's room for her hamper when it's not in the laundry rotation.

The second dresser is out of her room, in order to make room for a five-shelf bookcase that we bought tonight at Target (along with the shoe rack, hangers, another pillow, new underwear and socks for her, a makeup organizer, and... other stuff we needed that wasn't for her). eternaleponine built the shelves, and they are UP THERE.

The larger tall cube tower that used to be on the landing is shoved into the dead space at the head of her bed and even makes a reasonable surface for her alarm clock, as well as providing incidental storage space.

Her beanbag chair is back upstairs in front of the stuffie condo for her "emo corner."

That second dresser? Came from Freecycle, and to Freecycle it shall return. Same with a CD tower that is kinda wobbly and just serves to get knocked into.

There's enough floor space to walk in her room.

Even to vacuum.

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