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living breathing talking love

More adventures in unpacking

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More adventures in unpacking

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
As of this morning, I still had six boxes of baby clothes in my room to be sorted for donation. Three were still on my BED.

Now? I have 2 U-Haul "medium" boxes containing everything 4T-6X for donation to the Hartford Children's Theater (those are the sizes Nora said they could use), three hinge-top file totes of all the OTHER sizes for donation to Goodwill, and one wee pile of sentimentally important items that are going into a vacuum shrink bag and getting stored.

The donation items still need to be COUNTED, but it's a good start. And they're all in the living room, NOT on my bed. And there's still a walking path AND empty floor space.

I have also had delicious sushi tonight with [Unknown LJ tag], bunnygoth, surelle, tyedboyne, and of course eternaleponine and melovechocolate. It was great to see tikvah again.

I got rid of two other boxes in my bedroom, too -- one big Rubbermaid tote of clothes and things that I put away, and one box of file and desk related stuff that I mostly dealt with.

And we accomplished shopping this morning. melovechocolate has ALL her school supplies now, and some important clothing as well. And I picked up trim for a sewing project I'm going to work on tomorrow. ONLY trim and some project-specific notions, because I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY FABRIC. NOT FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Unless I somehow use up all my stash before then. Which is unlikely.

My room is even at the point where I can genuinely contemplate using the sewing machine, not just using the machine table as a Place To Pile Things.

I still have too much stuff. There's three boxes of files I haven't dealt with at all piled on top of my desk. And really I want to reduce the number of back files to the point where I don't need the metal filing cabinet, only the file drawer IN my desk and the three-compartment sorter that's in the "CPU" compartment of the desk which is actually where I keep my shredder because my CPU is smaller than a toaster.

Oh, and Iggy Blue isn't naked any more -- my Mass Audubon packet arrived in today's mail, and the appropriate decal has been applied to the driver's side cargo compartment window, WHERE IT BELONGS.

I feel like I accomplished enough that I'm allowed to spend tomorrow on a sewing project.
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