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Endless errands

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Endless errands

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I awoke this morning at 7 AM, determined to be productive since I had lost all of yesterday to The Book.

I think I unpacked at least one box in my room before anyone else woke up. And showered.

eternaleponine was up by 8. I forget whether we actually accomplished anything or whether we just chatted. But by 9 AM we were aking up melovechocolate and heading out to IHOP.

Next order of business, once we got back, was to map the breakers at least enough to find out what turned off the living room overhead light, so I could replace the switch that broke when the letter sorter fell on it. Success: we have an overhead light again.

Not so much success on the switch for the upstairs hall light. Replaced a broken dimmer with a plain switch to make it CF-friendly, but this failed to make the light actually light. Boo.

Then running-around errands. Auto parts store for a brake light bulb and a case of oil; BJ's to get eternaleponine her photo membership card, and while we were there we got a couple of household necessities that we could tell straight off were a good price and we wrote down prices and sizes on a couple of other things for comparison purposes; Home Depot for a switch plate for the new switch; the T-Mobile store to get eternaleponine the Sidekick she'd been coveting, since her old phone was entirely refusing to charge, and while we were there I upgraded to unlimited messaging so I could stop nagging melovechocolate about going over, and I could use AIM from my phone without counting the messages; Wild Oats for groceries; and the CVS near the house because lawn chairs were on sale super cheap and I had a $4 off $20 or more coupon to make them even cheaper.

Back home. On to the EVIL task: unpacking the kitchen. It's not entirely unpacked, but we've got eternaleponine's dishes located and put in a logical cupboard, and I have found my spice rack, my tea shelf, and a number of utensils. We only have two drawers in this kitchen. And I totally should have gotten a space-saver microwave instead of a countertop deal. Gaaaaah.

Kept this up until nearly 6, at which point we were hungry. Went to Taste of India for a vegetarian dinner that couldn't be beat, and came home with enough for several lunches besides.

Got my laundry out of the dryer.

Have Freecycled the spare copy of Deathly Hallows, the ugly throw pillows that came with the couch, and have promised the letter sorter and a pair of tea light candleholders. I'll have more to give away as we unpack.

It's still all over boxes, but at least there's some progress.
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