December 13th, 2010

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no, really, I got stuff done

It FEELS like I've been sitting around doing nothing all day. And, admittedly, I spent a lot of time on the internet. Likeyado.

But, today, I've also accomplished:

Got up in time to get eternaleponine to work and the kid to school
Even got up in time to wake up the kid
AND make coffee for both of us
Fed the cat
Did ALL the dishes (two drainerfuls, plus the dinner dishes)
Hung up a picture in the upstairs hall
Returned books to the library
Picked up a bath bomb from a Freecycler
Made inquiries at the rental car office about getting eternaleponine a car for Wednesday so I can participate in trowa_barton's birthday celebrations
Took a shower
Went to the motherfucking BANK like an ADULT
Made 5.5 quarts of vegetable stock from the Thanksgiving vegetable trimmings, and it's portioned and in the freezer and the pot is cleaned up
Picked up eternaleponine from work
Reserved the rental car
Traded a bunch of emails with my SIL and my mother, and started to formulate a more concrete plan for Christmas vacation week
Made dinner
Went out and got bubble mailers for <lj user="eternaleponine> So, really, I think I've gotten a fair amount done today, even if my laundry isn't put away yet and the living room still looks like a hurricane came through. Right?